• Phi Phi Omega Membership Chairman





    I am humbled to serve as the 2019 Membership Committee Chairman. I welcome you to the membership section of the Phi Phi Omega Chapter website. Please take a moment and look us over. You will find that Phi Phi Omega was chartered in February 2001 with 30 members and are now over 187 strong. We hold dear the mantra of our founders of “Service to all Mankind” and are committed to making the community around us better. We are located in Alpharetta, Georgia with a diverse membership from throughout the metro-Atlanta area that spans from recent graduates to those members that have achieve golden membership status.


    If you are an inactive member of Alpha Kappa Alpha and would like to re-engage in our sisterhood of service, we invite you to come to a meeting. We would love to welcome you back. If you are currently an active member but may be looking for a new home, come check us out. We would appreciate the opportunity to add your many talents to ours. MEMBERSHIP is PEARLFECTION: You Belong Here!!  On behalf of the Membership Committee, we commit to serve in a manner that will propel us all to a new level of membership commitment. We will exemplify passion, love, excellence and fun in everything that touches our members. Come with us on this great journey!  Ecclesiastes 9.11 tells us that the race is not given to the swift nor to the strong but to those who endure until the end. Sorors let’s run this great membership race together with determination and excellence.


    Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Sorority, Inc. is worth it!  Phi Phi Omega is worth it!  You are worth it!


    For additional information concerning Phi Phi Omega membership, contact me at membership@phiphiomega.com.


    For Alpha Kappa Alpha membership information; visit the national website www.aka1908.com


    Thanks for visiting our website and we look to hear from you soon!




    Phyllis D. Finley

    2019 Membership Chairman

    Phi Phi Omega Chapter


    • Meetings


    Phi Phi Omega Chapter meetings are open to active or inactive members of Alpha Kappa Alpha only. Proof of membership is required upon meeting entry in the form of the most recent membership card, Ivy Leaf magazine with name and address label attached or certificate of membership, along with photo identification.


    • Attire


    Business attire is required for every chapter meeting. Chapter meetings are held on the second Sunday of each month excluding the months of July and August. Chapters meetings begin promptly at 3:00 pm. First time visitors are encouraged to arrive a few minutes early to verify credentials.


    • Location


    Our meetings are located at Ison Springs Elementary School, located at 8261 Ison Rd, Atlanta, GA  30350. For additional meeting information contact me at membership@phiphiomega.com.

  • Graduate Membership

    Please note:  Membership in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., at the graduate level is by invitation only. College graduates who are seeking to become members in Alpha Kappa Alpha should visit the national website for more information regarding the sorority and qualifications for membership.