Friends For Life (FFL) Foundation, Inc., is organized exclusively for the purposes of charitable, religious, educational and scientific endeavors. The purpose of this organization is:

    • To support quality of life improvement for the disadvantaged;
    • To financially assist individuals and organizations in our community which enhance education, family, health, economic empowerment and the arts.

    FFL is organized solely for non-profit purposes, as defined in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.



    FFL matches resources to identify community needs through the establishment of a formal grant request process. By providing donations and various resources, FFL remains focused on our mission to uphold our commitment to the communities of North Fulton and the surrounding metro-Atlanta area.



    FFL's focus is on Programs for North Fulton County, Georgia, and the surrounding metro-Atlanta community. Program areas involve education/scholarship support, economic empowerment, career workshops and overal health and well-being for the family, including:

    • Scholarships and financial assistance to undergraduate students in the community via Strands of Elegance Cotillion program.
    • Financial assistance to organizations including the Foster Case Support Foundation of North Fulton, North Fulton Community Charities, the Educational Advancement Foundation (EAF), Fulton County Library System, Habitat for Humanity and the NAACP.
    • Health awareness programs to foster a climate of wellbeing.



    There is much work to be done and we cannot do it without the financial support of FFL members and the donor community. Supporting the Friends For Life Foundation is supporting women, children, families and students in our community. Their lives will be enriched throughthe programs, opportunities and resources we offer.



    Friends For Life Foundation, Inc. Pearl Investment 2019 Grant Application process is currently closed. Applications must support projects that are community-driven, and enable charitable organizations/non-profits to take innovative action on empowerment through education, health, family and global impact.


  •  The Friends for Life Foundation, Inc. files an IRS    Form 990-EZ. FFL is an all volunteer organization.
     No full or part-time staff members are employed.


     Contact: Charmagne Helton, President

     Website: http://friendsforlifega.org/

     E-mail: friendsforlifepresident@phiphiomega.com

     Year Founded: 2004

     No. of Board Members: 13

     No. of Full Time Employees: 0

     No. of Part-Time Employees: 0

     Volunteers: 182

     Audited Statements Available to Public: Yes


     Funding: This organization is seeking and relies on  funds from contributions and grants. These funds will
     be used for unrestricted distribution of scholarship,
     grant awards and minor operating expenses.


     Locations Served: US, North Fulton County, Georgia  and Metropolitan Atlanta communities



     990-EZ Tax Forms

     2015 End of Year Summary

     2015 Planning Session



     Kim E. Slaughter, CEO

     Charmagne Helton, President

     Shevawn Broxton Young, Vice President

     Erika Eberhardt, Secretary

     Natasha Ptomey, Treasurer

     Tramell Alexander, Financial Secretary

     Antoinette Johnson, Assistant Financial Secretary

     Yolanda Brumfield, Director

     Zelphia Hawkins, Director

     Michelle Livingston, Director

     Vanessa J. Payne, Director

     Carlene Redmond, Director

     Angie Thompson, Director